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Visiting Vegan Vacationers (VVV)

Visiting Vegan Vacationers – those wishing to experience Las Aguas Risas to consider future potential membership, can stay from 3 days to 6 months, with a minimum advance payment of 1 week and $100 security deposit*, at the weekly rental rate for accommodations; see rental schedule.

Junior, sleeping dogAll stays must be paid in advance either weekly or monthly. Weekly rates include a private room, shared bathroom, shower and kitchen, 1 washer/dryer load per week (dryer only as necessary).

Note: Visiting Vegan Vacationers are not required, but are welcome and encouraged to join us in participating and contributing to community work projects.

* A Security Deposit is required for all potential members and visiting vegan vacationers. Ideally, we all hope and expect visitors, guests and potential members to be responsible, however, occasionally things get broken or go missing. A security deposit helps prevent loss to the community. Deposits are refunded, minus costs of community belongings you personally lost or broke, or other unforeseen costs incurred by the community on your behalf. Working potential members who stay less than 1 month donate 50% of their deposit to the community, as it is difficult for us to recover costs of orientation, supervision and training.