Investment Opportunities

Las Aguas Risas – Laughing Waters Vegan Community and Forest Reserve offers unprecedented opportunities to invest in your future, your health, and the health and future of the Amazon and the planet. Please note that investment in the property is an investment in the community and the planet; purchase for purposes of speculation is not permitted. “Purchase” of a house or plot is equivalent to a life-time lease, title of all property will remain in the name of the foundation or land trust (to be established) in perpetuity.

Pond House:

A furnished private cottage, 2 bedroom ( 1 single, 1 double) with bathroom, kitchen/dining/livingroom and large covered porch, is only a 2 minute walk down the path from the main house. Near the quebrada, a small bubbling brook, and several ponds, it is surrounded by laughing waters. The Pond House is hooked up with electricity and water, internet to be added in near future. Includes 1 acre of land for owners to plant. There are already guava (guayaba), araçá, banana trees, yuca, maracuya and granedia  growing on the land.
Price: $50,000

Off-grid House:

A 15 minute walk up into the pasture from the main house, this rustic 2 room cabin is the perfect off-grid opportunity. A couple solar panels could provide sufficient electric for LED lighting and charging devices, and some gutters and rain catchment tank would offer water for basic uses. Includes land plot of up to 2 hectares.
Price(s): $20,000 (with 1 hectare); $25,000 (w/ 1.5 hec); $30,000 (w/ 2 hec).

Homestead Plots:

Undeveloped plots of land in current pasture areas, available for members with pioneering spirit to clear (grass only, not established trees), cultivate fruit and vegetable subsistence and/or cash crops, and/or build simple accommodation structure with naturally available materials on property – there is adequate mud/clay, bamboo and downed wood on the property to supply materials for this. As minimal natural roofing material is available on property or nearby, structures would likely need to be roofed with metal or polycarbonate panels.
Prices: 1/2 hectare $10,000; 1 hectare $15,000; 2 hectare $25,000.