Las Aguas Risas

Laughing Waters Vegan Community






Las Aguas Risas – Laughing Waters is a Veganic Permaculture Fruit Forest Intentional Community and Forest Reserve in the High Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Our goal is to protect and nurture Pachamama with minimal invasive impact. We are transforming degraded pastureland, restoring native forest and productive fruit forest. Peaceful, simple, vegan, minimalist, non-exploitative living, preservation (forever), conservation, respect, non-violence.

The property is 100 hectares (approximately 250 acres), with many springs, streams and waterfalls, roughly 40% forest, 10% homestead and cultivated or ready to cultivate, and 50% pasture. We are very environmentally-conscious and looking to meet other conscientious vegan animal lovers. This a fully vegan property. We do not consume any animals or animal products and ask that you respect that and do not bring any animal products.

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